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The ARC Challenge: Hints and answer

Not really a clue, but… the things you need are somewhere in the physical book!

It seems to be something to do with each game Sam and Jay competed in… those boxes sure look familiar.

How convenient that each rectangle is the exact same size as the breakout box for each game!

What if you were to overlay each rectangle with the same-sized rectangle for the relevant game? 

(…but then, what do the arrows mean?)

When you overlay the rectangle over the matching break-out box, what word does the arrow for that game point to?





…clearly the word order isn’t left-to-right, top-to-bottom. But how about the number next to each word?


…well, go on then! Take a mysterious picture, anything you like!

Once you know what we’re asking you to do, we’d love to see you share your photo on social media with the hashtags #TwoCanPlayThatGame #ARCChallenge